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The Executive Committee (EC) is the team that runs San Diego PKU Alumni Association. The team has a few functional committees that support different team activities. Current (Year 2014-2016) executive members are below. For previous executive committee team members, please check the link at the end of this page.


执委会 2014-2016 成员

Jinghong Li w150 

李京红 (Jinghong Li)


医学 84  UCSD
 Chun Ren w150

任春 (Chun Ren)


 技物 93  Hologic
 Hongbo Pang w150

庞宏博 (Hongbo Pang)

External Relations, Chair

 生科 01  Sanford-Burnham

范潇潇 (Xiaoxiao Fan)

External Relations, Co-Chair

 元培 06  Qualcomm
 Xu Qing w150

徐庆 (Qing Xu)

Event Chair

 力学 93  Qualcomm
 Yan Zhou w150

周妍 (Yan Zhou)

Event, Co-Chair

 医学 03  Sanford-Burnham
 Zhuxi Wang w150

王竹夕 (Zhuxi Wang)

Event, Co-Chair

 心理 05  
 Rishan Chen w150

陈日闪 (Rishan Chen)

Students & Postdocs, Chair

 计算机 05  UCSD
 Wutu Lin w150

林於菟 (Wutu Lin)

Students & Postdocs, Co-Chair

 信科 05  Salk

王水龙 (Shuilong Wang)

BMU, Chair

基础医学 83  Personostics Laboratories

陈光 (Guang Chen)

BMU, Co-Chair

基础医学 79  Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

陈真 (Zhen Chen)

BMU, Co-Chair

基础医学 00  UCSD
 Zhengcai Pu w150

卜正才 (Zhengcai Pu)

Communications, Chair

 技物 80  Thermo Fisher Scientific

靳辛欣 (Xinxin Jin)

Communications, Co-Chair

 计算机 08  UCSD

高枫 (Feng Gao)

Communications, Co-Chair

 信科 04  



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